Affordable SEO. It’s Real And It Works!


Affordable SEO. It’s Real And It Works!

Affordable SEO.  There are many internet marketing companies today that will try to convince you that you must spend every last profitable dime you make with them in order to see the daylight of the first page of Google.  While it is true that there are some internet marketing companies who do offer affordable SEO and would be happy to sink your rankings in to the abyss.  Internet marketing companies that will charge you thousands frequently stand on a soap box as if running for public office to call those of us offering affordable SEO -members of the “establishment”.

As with politics or any other embedded conviction, fear won’t win the hearts of your customers, nor providing a service that can be done extremely effective for much less.  Lets be real for a moment though.  I imagine most business owners would hand over their child’s college fund if a savvy internet marketing consultant told them there is only one way.  And then uttered a phrase like- remember if you use an affordable SEO solution for your business it will become like the dinosaur- extinct.

Is there a better tactic to use in our industry than believing no one can build a link wheel like “said” company?  Its all in the wrist when these electric fingers hit enter to solidify that backlink, oh yes!  It breaks me out in to song.  My affordable SEO link juice brings all the companies to the yard, and their like- my link juice is better than yours, darn right!  Then I think…I can teach you, but I would have to charge.  Wait a minute, but that’s what a non affordable SEO company does!

So what is my message?  It’s simple.  If you are a business looking for an internet marketing company- do your homework.  Either the company you’re looking at knows how to build a legitimate SEO campaign or they don’t.  Then the question becomes do they want your first born for it?

At we are the affordable SEO solution.  We know we can win you on price, so let me take you through our process and you can quickly evaluate why there is so much value with us.

Any legitimate internet marketing company will do a thorough evaluation of your current website, we do it for free (if you don’t have a website we can certainly help you there as well for cheap).  When I say thorough you say colonoscopy.  If you’ve eaten fast food for the last 40 years and that’s it, your nutritionist needs to understand everything about what your current diet is.  At we put a lot of eggs in the On-Site basket.  Which means you could have the president liking your website but if meta-tags and other techy words I could use don’t make sense to Google you’ll never effectively compete, anywhere.

Think about this.  Thought, Feeling, Action.  If those are in harmony there is a good probability you’re happy right?  Unless I mention that certain family member.  When Google crawls your website it needs to be in harmony or alignment. absolutely ensures that the text on your website is aligned with the keywords that you want to rank for as an example.  If you put an image on your website Google does not yet have picture recognition, you have to tell the search engine what it is.

As an affordable SEO company this is what we do.  There is no cutting corners to ranking first. does it the right way in every way, every time.  So I digressed a little, below is a little outline of a few of our steps.

  • Complete and thorough review of website as is.
  • Advanced and I do mean Advanced On-Site recommendations starting with-
    • Architecture of website
    • Design of current site
    • Internal links
    • Accessibility
    • QDF
    • Keywords
    • PageRank to your links (both on and off page)
  • Complete Off Page affordable SEO
    • Local Map Search- be aware other companies charge for this service with us its free.
    • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) again be aware other companies charge for this service.  Purchase any one of our packages and its free, yes FREE.  We do not take commission on this.
    • Analytics
    • Social Media Marketing- third time is the charm right?  Again this service comes with price of admission, no extra fees, charges, etc.  Happy day!
    • CRO
    • Links (back to PageRank here) we only back link to high PR sites, period.
  • One on one customer service
    • Even though is the affordable SEO solution we offer through the entire process (of course for free) one of our amazing project manager’s is assigned to your account to ensure nothing slips between the cracks.  Did we mention he/she speaks perfect English and is from America?

So much value that we provide to our customers here at  Are you interested to see all that we do for one extremely low cost?  Click here.

In the end with affordable SEO can win!  It’s Real and It Works!  Contact us today to see how it can work for you.