Affordable SEO vs. Cheap SEO.


Affordable SEO vs. Cheap SEO. Be careful for what you ask for.

Affordable SEO vs. cheap SEO.  Who cares right?  Maybe.  If you look on the surface and I told you here are the two definitions which one would you choose?

  1. Inexpensive; reasonably priced.
  2. Low in price; worth more than its cost.

I think instinctively most of us would choose number two correct?  When something says “worth more than its cost” our minds automatically interprets that as perceived value.  But, if I tell you that the definition of number two is “cheap” what do you automatically think?  “Uhm, what’s wrong with it”?

Affordable SEO and cheap SEO can very well be interchangeable to many search engines, but if you are an SEO company what type of experience do you want your customer to walk away with?

I relate my experience to the last time I was in the market to buy a car, one word really made the difference.  I first went to the used (now term’d “certified pre-owned”) car lot to see what they might have.  One of the first words out of the salesman’s mouth was “cheap deals”.  To me that is the equivalent of telling your customer that your affordable SEO or cheap SEO is $5.00 a month without explaining why you have “cheap deals”.  Cheap is void of meaning unless substance and value are presented in the forefront of and not behind the dollar figure.  This is why so many affordable seo and cheap seo companies choose to not to be affiliated with words that might carry a stigma.

Affordable SEO is what happened when I went to the new car lot.  I fell in love immediately.  I knew right away some of these cars could achieve my desired goal or look, but tapping on my shoulder with a 2×4 was my spouse cleverly disguised as Jiminy the super sales rep.  So how is it that something that is defined as “Inexpensive; reasonably priced.” could break the bank?  The super sales rep had me believing that this car which was almost the amount of my mortgage was an amazing value and was going to pay for itself.  Sound familiar?

There are several good “affordable” SEO companies that will get you to the first page of your desired keyword.  If you are like me you might be a little sticker shocked if you are looking at that new car for the first time and going “wow”.  Are there companies that can afford $1,000.00-$5,000.00 a month of SEO?  Absolutely, so is affordable SEO then a relative term?  Yes, a Fortune 500 company will not blink twice at this amount to be on the first page of Google for their desired keywords.  They have run the numbers and understand that their ROI will bring them 20x this amount by having that presence.

So, whether you’re cheap or affordable or both does not amount to a hill of beans as is evident by my inability in car buying.

Truly, if we as internet marketing companies have clearly identified our competitive advantages and it aligns with our targeted keywords AND makes sense to the demographic we are targeting- Oh then we’re On Fleek!