Internet Marketing And SEO Done Right!


From “Likes” To Clients: Internet Marketing And SEO Done Right!

Last Friday I had a great conversation with a lady in Colorado who owns a float spa / deprivation tanks.  If you have never been “floating” I would highly encourage it!  The benefits that come from laying in 12,000 pounds of Epson salt in an enclosed tank are innumerable.  She lives in a town where she has absolutely no competition for miles and has a really good presence on social media.  Her company has also put together a website design from a template .com source.

Her first question to me was “why”?  Why do I need services from your industry?  Every post on my Facebook page gets a ton of interested people looking.  I paused and then applauded her for all the efforts that she has taken to bring exposure of an industry that really does help people.  Working with an internet marketing company like to handle your affordable SEO needs is all about two things.  Awareness and Conversion.  I explained to her that getting likes is important, but building the awareness of what your product can do will help word of mouth spread like wild fire.

If done properly, using a resource like internet marketing and a company on the same level as taking care of your affordable SEO is where the magic begins.  I told her imagine the excitement that would occur if someone types in a keyword term on a search engine related fibromyalgia and your business pops up on the first page?  Or what if because a company like helped through internet marketing to get a keyword like “west nile virus remedies” and up on the first page comes your business?

I paused again for a moment after bringing up the question.  Silence.  I knew the wheels we’re turning.  I told her your current clients are convinced of the benefits of floating, but so many don’t know what it does.  That’s why you need us, because the difference between liking your page and spending money at your business is knowing what it can do for me.  Affordable SEO companies like that provides extensive internet marketing goes just beyond providing back links.  Its about writing quality articles that genuinely have the ability to generate interest from those who you’re seeking business from.  At our internet marketing plan when we do SEO is to put the article on high ranking websites that are relative to the topic we’re posting.

By the end of our conversation she agreed to have a custom website built by one of our website designers.  She also wanted to create a custom internet marketing campaign with the focus of her SEO on generating new business and building her brand.

If you have your own business put yourself in her place.  Maybe you have a lot of the tools necessary, but if you can solve a problem is your internet marketing working for you in a way that lets people know this?  If not get a hold of the affordable SEO professionals- and let us put your internet marketing dollars to work today.