Internet Marketing Made Simple - SERP SMART!


Internet Marketing Made Simple - SERP SMART!

Internet Marketing.  There you’ve said it, at least silently.  You’ve been in business for the last 100 years and you’ve always done things your way and its worked- till now.   But why, why do things have to change?  I mean first it was the phone book and their outrageous rates.  Then in the 90’s the government deregulated Ma Bell and other utilities giving way to thousands of independent phone book publishers.  So instead of buying from one company, you’re now buying from 5 or 6.

Then 1992 comes around and word of this “internet” starts popping up.  Sure, you watched “you’ve got mail” and subscribed to AOL just like everyone else.  But, never in a million years did you imagine this.  People oogling over googling.  You never thought internet marketing would be something people would seriously consider.  It’s now 2016 and you realize your business has taken a hit.  You have your “steady Eddy” customers, but where did all your new business go?  Its like they don’t exist anymore, but they do.  You finally succumb to the temptation.  You type in the dreaded word in to the address bar “”.

As you hit enter, its at this moment you realize and become aware that there are several new businesses in the area.  You realize none of them offer the experience or do what you do and then you think, why am I not on page one?  It finally dawns on you that your website is out of date and you lack all things social media.  You read a few do-it-yourself articles and realize this internet marketing thing is pretty easy.

The weekend approaches and internet marketing is now your middle name insomuch that Bud Light has tagged you in their “Men of Genius” commercial.  You’ve set up a Google My Business account,, and all the social media sites.  Instead of watching the playoffs you set up usernames and passwords that you’ve already forgotten.  It’s 11:00 p.m. and it hits you- what the hell have I just done?  From posting pictures to hyperlinking you have ascended the charts of sending stuff out… yourself.  You we’re a rock star- for two weeks.  Nothing could stop you, but now nothing is motivating you.  The nail in the coffin?  Doing a Google search and going 10 pages deep only to see a link to David Copperfield, but nothing for you.  This misery has put you on your knees and again it hits you.  I need help.

There is an answer dear friend!  Internet marketing made simple - SERP SMART! is a top shelf internet marketing company.  We offer affordable SEO solutions that will get your keywords to the first page of all the major search engines. started with one idea in mind create high quality websites, produce first page SEO Results and deliver on customer service at a price any business can afford!  Many affordable SEO companies will charge you for each of the different products they have.  Social Media Marketing, Local Internet Marketing, and SEO.

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