SEO Companies in Utah


SEO Companies in Utah

Like a list of never-ending dating websites, when you Google SEO companies in Utah you will find the comparisons are very similar.  You have an idea of what you want the result to be, but not quite sure where to start.  SEO companies in Utah like can take the what seems to be an overwhelming process and simplify it.  Whether you're just starting a business or have been in business for 30 years the landscape of getting your message to your customer seems to change daily.  So, how do you take what appears to be a sea of options and narrow it down to one finite path that will get you to your end goal?  Ask for the guarantee!  Like dating sites, SEO companies in Utah want you to bite on the potential of what could be, not what will be.

Now, legitimate SEO companies in Utah will never offer you a 1st-page result on Google guarantee, however, few of them will actually lift up the hood for you so you can see exactly what is underneath.  Question for you.  Do you like overpaying for the exact same services you could've have gotten somewhere else but 35-40% less?  Of course not, no one likes finding out about a deal they missed a day later but you're now stuck in some gregarious over-bloated contract to some guy who no longer likes to build websites and is using you as his guinea pig.  What can you do?  Well, next time, be prepared.  You wouldn't want to unknowingly date an ax murderer, would you?  I've listed below a few of the pre-qualification questions you will want to ask ANY of the SEO companies in Utah before you move forward with them.

  • Is your services month to month or do I have to sign a contract?  (If there is any contract involved- RUN!)
  • Get in writing everything the company will do for you for the agreed amount.
  • If in order for you to have a chance to get to the first page of Google with your keywords you need to spend more than $500.00 a month or pay some elaborate setup fee that is disguised as some salesman's commission.  (If you are paying more than $500.00 a month you may want to ask which of the owner's vehicles you will be paying off and ask if you can barrow it a few times a month)
  • Is the work done in-house or is it contracted out?  If only some of the work is contracted out which part is and why?  (SEO companies in Utah are quick to take your money but notoriously bad on providing follow up on the work they've done.  Make sure expectations are properly set and you know who is doing it)
  • If the desired result is not being achieved what is my recourse and who do I contact?  (Hard not to chuckle on this one.  SEO companies in Utah find themselves to be in the enviable position of being in an industry where you can't offer a guarantee.  However, 99% of you business owners must offer a guarantee to remain competitive.  Find out what your contact will do if your goals are not achieved.)
  • If you are getting "On-Site SEO" work done please ask for a copy of exactly what is being done and then get a second opinion.  (With Google's recent updates it's more important than ever that your On-Site work is given the meticulous attention that the rest of your SEO is.  You wouldn't let a dentist repair a meniscus tear- get a second opinion)  
  • Make sure that whichever of the SEO companies in Utah you are working with that you are provided a monthly report that shows the analytics of each of your keywords.
  • You will want to ask how many other businesses in your vertical they are working with.  Especially if they are in the same market as you.  There are only so many organic spaces on Google's 1st page.
  • References- ask for these prior to agreeing to any type of work.  You won't regret it!

You've invested a significant amount of time building your organization.  If you invest the time to research which one of the SEO companies in Utah to work with (and find the right one) the relationship will pay great dividends that you'll forget about the dating site!