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Welcome to SERP SMART – For all your SEO, SMO and Web Design Needs

What happens when two families come together in a joint venture to help businesses achieve their goals to gain more exposure on the internet, but for less? I believe a whole lot of harmony! While this is a new venture for all those involved here at, we have, in our company, reasons to be very excited. Starting with the experience we have in designing websites and getting companies with difficult keywords to the first page of Google!

It is a very competitive landscape nowadays in building a successful website and then launching an effective SEO campaign behind it. We believe we have found the colonel’s secret in developing a system that is truly a win-win for all involved.

How has your experience as a customer been in this field? Are you able to get a live body at your SEO. Company? Does he/she reside in America? Wondering why you pay so much for local optimization and then get hit with SEO optimization as well? Having difficulty truly understanding what you’re paying for? Wondering why some companies charge only $99.00 and others are as much as sending a kid to college? Wonder if Google is just playing God?

Let us help you make heads and tails of this stuff. Its not rocket science, but trying to understand why your competitor is on the first page of the search engine result page and your not can make it that way. If you’re looking at SEO for the first time or possibly switching companies because your frustrated with no movement in your selected keywords here are a couple of good questions to ask on the next call you make.

  • Get a quote of exactly what your SEO company plans on doing for you. With this you need to get an expectation on timeline. Only Google would be able to promise you a first page ranking, but there should definitely be some metrics provided on what your SEO company thinks they can deliver depending on their experience with keywords like yours.
  • How much of the work that they’re doing is automated? If the percent is anything other than 0% – run. Submissions, articles, etc. all now have the ability of being created by software. Ever take something from mother’s cookie jar? Eventually she does catch you. Not if, but when Google catches you the last thing you’ll remember before they sink you to the bottom of your keyword ranking is how you we’re rearranging the chairs on the titanic.
  • How much of the work is done outside of the U.S.? By our experience 95% or so of the companies out there are using companies overseas. If so, are they checking the work before someone halfway around the globe hits send? I’ve seen articles that we’re supposed to be written by SEO companies, until the horror hit the press. Customers started to question who exactly they’re doing business with. Sometimes bad news is just bad.
  • Finally, ASK. Ask the money question. Why on earth do you charge so much or so little for your services? Make them explain their concept of value. We can. Make it a great day!