We’re Hiring! Looking for Sales Manager


We’re Hiring! Looking for Sales Manager

-Interested in working for an industry that is only continuing to grow over the last 15 years?
-Want to work in an industry where every almost every company is now using your type of service?
-As a sales manager are you interested in making a lifetime residual commission (as long as you work for the company) on every sale your team makes?
-Are you interested in earning what your worth plus lifetime residual commissions (as long as you work for the company) on every sale you make?
-Are you looking for a company to sell for whose product is superior and complete- yet is the less expensive alternative vs. 98% of its competition?If you answered yes to the above five questions please continue reading, if not this sales opportunity is not for you.SerpSmart.com was started with one idea in mind. Produce high quality websites, first page SEO Results and deliver on customer service at a price any business can afford! If you look at the website and SEO builders today it seems like you only have two options. Those that can help but they need $500.00 or more a month to cover exorbitant salaries and overhead. The other charges $99.00 for ten minutes of work and if you ever have questions, well good luck.


At SerpSmart.com we make getting to the first page of Google a different experience because the customer feels the value of what we provide. No contracts, no set up fees, no automated or black hat junk (everything done by hand), no gimmicks, just affordable proven results.

SerpSmart.com also provides the best websites for less (starting at $399.00). We only use website platforms that rank the best- i.e. WordPress, PHP, etc. In addition we provide writing services for press releases, blogs, etc.

A little about us-
SerpSmart.com is a debt free family owned business. So we’re not burdened with executives who have massive salaries or stuck in a huge stuffy building no one wants to be in. Instead we’ve passed the savings to our customers and invested money in to an awesome commission structure for our Sales Reps. We are very transparent in our business. Our rates are posted on our website of what we charge. Do the apples to apples comparison and see for yourself.

A little about the opportunity-
No sense in wasting anyone’s time so lets be upfront about what the opportunity entails.
-This is a 1099 position, so you work as an independent contractor with the ability to make LOTS of money. If you need a Just Over Broke this is not for you, promise no hurt feelings.
-There is no salary or money per hour given for this opportunity, only commissions. Commissions in most cases are paid within the week of your sale.
-Generating new clients can be done in so many ways. You have the ability with our guidance and proven methods to do it. Some of our reps do this by phone, some by going door to door and the others through networking.
-As an independent contractor you set your own schedule. We will provide you with the necessary tools to be successful and ideas of what has worked. You must be self motivated but the need for our product is GREAT! Commissions & Residuals are discussed in the interview.
-This is a new position for our company.

What we’re looking for-
-Need 2-5 years prior sales experience
-Need 2-5 years prior management experience
-Must be very money motivated
-Will be responsible to hire, train, motivate and sell within a 5 state region.

Bottom line- if you’re tired of where you have been and what you’ve been making and looking to create wealth for yourself while in the process of helping customers achieve their business goals- this maybe a good fit for you! Email us back today to set up an interview.