What’s Better? Hire an SEO guy or SEO firm?


What’s Better? Hire an SEO guy or SEO firm?

Over the last 50 years doing business has greatly changed.  Forget about the advancement of the internet, lets look at the very core of most businesses.  Its your employees.  In today’s society you can outsource just about everything. Need an accountant, h.r. department, or even a doctor?  Yes, even doctor’s (called Locum Tenens) are outsourced to a variety of medical centers.  So is hiring an affordable SEO firm any different?  Yes and no.

It’s no secret that one of the major reasons why you have employees is for control.  Control over quality, content and schedules.  When looking at an affordable SEO company here are the major factors to weigh.

  • Control- Did I mention this was important?  Updates and reports come daily not once a month.
  • Expectations- When you have someone in-house its much easier to manage expectations when you’re working with a person who has one client and not fifty.  Especially when it comes to search engine optimization.  Once you’re on the hook for thousands each month be aware of fewer commitments and more excuses.
  • Contracts- Few Affordable SEO companies still have contracts beyond month to month, but be aware if you come across one that does.
  • Customer Service- It is always nice to have someone come in to your office when you call vs. getting an email a week later by someone who struggles with your native language.
  • Changes- If there is one thing that is consistent about business owners its that they change.  They are constantly ever changing to meet the needs of their customers.  They need services on the fly.  Most affordable SEO companies do not do well when you move their cheese like switching keywords.  Might want to ask what they fee is on something like that.
  • Money- This is where decision makers are lulled in to a hypnotic state.  Sales consultants from affordable SEO companies use fancy acronyms like ROI, DFTBH, IMHO and my favorite MTFBWY (May The Force Be With You).

As a business owner a good consultant will bring to the forefront the pain of all the extra money an employee is or would cost you for the same service as their affordable SEO company could provide for half the cost.  This statement is very true IF they can deliver on results.

Question, if I represent an affordable SEO company SerpSmart.com myself why would it appear that I’m in favor of a business owner hiring an employee to do this?  Maybe a few extra clicks?  While that could be a good teaser the truth is I want business owners to KNOW what its costing them by not being on the first page of Google.  That’s the bottom line.  If you know, you are now empowered to make the best decision for your company.  So whether your SEO costs are free because you use family or thousands on employee/expensive SEO firm or an affordable SEO firm like us SerpSmart.  You we’re able to make the best decision based upon knowing what Google can provide you in traffic and what your website’s conversion rate is or estimate to be.  Did you know that a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles is paying nearly $50.00 a click for Pay-Per-Click for first page advertising on Google?  Do you think those lawyers know what ROI or a visit to their website means in terms of money?

SerpSmart is an affordable SEO company that wants what is best for the client.  Our pricing vs the services we provide is un heard of and allows for a significant ROI to the client by using an affordable SEO company like ours.  Our knowledgeable customer service staff that is based right here in the states and understands the industry.  Our consultants who set proper expectations always up front so there is no “gotcha” moments or having to make excuses.  Look, if someone throws up Jim’s superstore next to Walmart it will take sometime for the migration to begin.  But it won’t be overnight.  However, with consistent effort, a competitive advantage and an effective marketing campaign successful things will happen.  In the end whatever your decision may the force be with you!